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Santiago and Anja with their son Emiliano Fabio are the founders of Tierra Amada since 2021.

Santiagos family has always lived at lake titicaca, in the countryside, in the world of agriculture, ranching and in contact with animals. He lived 35 years in Italy, without losing his conection and his love to his home country, and was always engaged in social projects for example for local women who knit traditional clothes. Since 2010 he lives again in Chucuito. He is a person who seeks a simple life. At Tierra Amada Santiago especially takes care of the organic agriculture and construccion. He is the owner of Posada Santa Barbara, and a passionate cook. Posada Santa Barbara is a beautiful small place to stay. Santiago offers his place for events, and vacation stays. He cooks italian and peruvian food and many times it is a fusion of the two cultures of foods so rich and delicious.

Anja worked many years as a Marketing Specialist and Quality Manager in different companies in Germany. Then she embarked on a different path as a Yoga instructor and natural practicioner with several terapeutic formations. Since 15 years Peru is part of her life. She Loves nature and animals. Always looking for personal development, she dedicates her energy now fully to the work at Tierra Amada. She loves to work with families, women, children and teenagers. She offers a unique combination of Yoga, Meditation, Horse guided Empowerment and Family Constellations with horses.

"We are happy to open Tierra Amada for national and international groups and for every being who appreciates nature, a beautiful view over the lake titikaka, animals, good healthy food, and silence…."

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Our Team




Experienced, trustworthy and professional, these are just a few words that describe Sonia. Is truly a joy to be around her and a pleasure to work every with her. She is a true asset to the growing Tierra Amada team.



family cook

It didn’t take long for Yovana to make an impact in our family. Excellent cook, always feeding our hungry bellies and always with a smile. She also has great knowledge of plants, that's why she helps us taking care of the greenhouse. Yovana is a true asset to the growing of Tierra Amada team. 

"Yo cocino frijoles, habas y lentejas con Muña porque ayuda a una mejor digestión." 



production muña

Liliana is a woman with many experiences with plants, she is originally from Chucuito. Thanks to her knowledge about herbs we can grow the Muna project.



production muña

Yaneth helps us with her knowledge, she knows about the processes, the seasons, the way to manipulate the Muña and the sensitivity involved in working with this herb.



production muña

A woman with many experience with plants, originally from Chucuito. Thanks to her knowledge about herbs we can grow the Muña project.



production muña

We’re thankful for the experience and skills she brings to our proyect by treating the Muña with expert hands and helping our business grow and evolve.

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production muña/cook

We’re thankful for the knowledge and skills she has about local plants, and by the way she is also a really good cook.

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Volunteers from all over the world support us in our proyect. Creating meaningful connections with others is one of the best parts of volunteering. They bring diversity which enrichesour our project and also they bring a range of qualities, skills and expertise that help our project to grow.

Join our team!

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