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Retreat Center with Horses: Pro Gallery

Retreat center with horses

Reservations are possible from november 2022

Horse Guided Empowerment, Family Constelations with horses, Compassionate Communication with all beings - empathy, empowerment, passion

Horse Guided Empowerment

Horse Guided Empowerment© is not just a kind of therapy, it is more about creating a relationship between humans and horses to empower each other. As the horses are reacting on you like a mirror for your inner feelings they offer you the opportunity to view, feel and understand your emotions and thoughts more clearly.

Usually there are three positions. The client, the horse and the facilitator. The focus is always on the connection between the horse and the client. The facilitator is just accompanying the process, but gives as much space as possible for everything coming up.

The horse as your partner

Horses communicate through emotions and they are aware of energetic changes in the environment (just like us). As social animals they are highly intuitive and sensitive; they need authentic, congruent, and predictable behavior to maintain harmony and safety in their herd. This is why horses are the perfect partner to guide you through emotional progresses.

During sessions and retreats, the horses will respond to your emotions and serve as a canvas for hidden thoughts, patterns, or early affirmations. Horses do not judge or manipulate, and they can not be fooled by our masks as they react to the true intentions behind our actions. The feedback provided by the horses comes with impressive images that are easy to remember and support your personal growth.

Our services

Anja is a certificated facilitator for Horse Guided Empowerment© and will accompany you through the session. She did her training by Christina Marz, the founder of Marz Method© and HGE.

She will offer individual, group sessions and retreats. A herd of six lovely horses will guide you through the process. Every topic you want to focus on is welcome.

Currently we are still in progress with training the horses and developing a strong bond for working together. We will start offering HGE sessions for clients from november 2022.

Retreat Center with Horses: Features
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