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Organic Agriculture: Pro Gallery

Organic Agriculture

100% natural

Organic Farming

Organic farming is a particularly resource-saving and environmentally friendly form of agriculture that is based on the principle of sustainability. The main idea is to economize in harmony with nature. Organic farming helps to preserve ecosystems and biodiversity, protect the soil, keep the water clean and minimises the impact on the climate.

Our mission

Our goal is to grow our own food and the food for the animals to become independent and reach self-sufficiency. Therefore we cultivate a lot of plants on our fields and in a greenhouse. At the moment we grow vegetables like potatoes, beans, onions, carrots and also oats for the animals. If we harvest more vegetables than we can use by our own, we sell them at the regional market. We keep the seeds of the plants for planting new ones next year. All of the work from seeding to harvesting we do by hand. We don’t use pesticides and chemical fertilizer. We are always learning with the progress of planting and growing.

Organic Agriculture: Features
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