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About muña:

Muña, also sometimes called Andean mint, is a green plant that grows in the Andes highlands near cities like Cusco and Puno. It is high in calcium, iron, and phosphorus, making it beneficial for strong bones and teeth. Among the many benefits of the herb, it helps ease altitude symptoms, especially if you experience stomach pain at high altitudes. It has carminative and digestive properties, it relieves flatulence and diarrhea conditions and has hardening benefits of bones and teeth due to its high amount of calcium and phosphorus. According to modern medicine, muña contributes to the function of the nervous system and prevents osteoporosis. You simply just can't go wrong with using muña.

In Peru, the use of muña tea has a long tradition. In naturopathy it has always been used for healing purposes and it is also indispensable in home medicine. Since the period of the Incas, the men from the Andes used the muña root as a portable refrigerator because it has the property to preserve food for many days. The leaves, flowers and stems are used to make tea. As in the past, we collect and process the wild muña plant by hand. We do not use any plastic containers for storage, as the softeners they contain can severely impair the quality and thus the effect of the tea.

The use:

Preparation: Pour boiling water over one or two teaspoons of dried muña leaves per cup and let steep for about 15 minutes. Then strain and sweeten as needed.

The effect of muña and its use can have a preventive, alleviating or at best even healing effect on our organism. As a tea preparation, it can not only be drunk. It unfolds its effect in the throat area by vigorously gargling the tea. In the case of nasal and frontal sinus problems, they can be used by inhalation, in which the vapor of the herbs scalded with boiling water is inhaled. Cloths soaked in herbal tea can be placed on painful areas of the body as a poultice. Larger quantities of herbal tea (strain beforehand) can also develop their full effect as a bath additive.

Currently, we can offer you our healthy muña tea with a lot of benefits. In the meantime, we are working on other products such as essences, cremes or diffusers.

Our mission:

It’s not just about making muña and all its benefits known beyond the Peruvian borders. Our mission is to be a fair employer and to make a difference in a difficult life of peruvian women in the rural areas who often need to work for worse payment and hard working conditions. It is nearly impossible for us to solve the whole problem, but we will try to make a difference in the area of Chucuito where Tierra Amada is located. With the helping hands of this peruvian herb, we want to support local women, give them chance to take care of their families and to live a fair life they surely deserve. So, we offer appropriate working conditions with fair payments for our team that consists of brave local woman who have a huge knowledge of local plants and how to use them for healing methods.

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